People mostly prefer to purchase imported stuff. One thing for sure is the quality that you get in imported stuff. In Pakistan, we tend to give less than what we deserve in our products. The ‘value of money’ lacks in most cases. For instance, even the FMCG products do not have proper weight categories (445 gm, 230 gm etc). It’s related to our narrow mindset and lack of empathy for consumerism. In most of the developed countries abroad, they realized it long back to treat consumer as the ‘king’, then only their businesses shall thrive. And it is evident from the way many companies have really done well there. So, once we also think the same way and give quality as well as proper quantity in our products, we shall also be liked by all.

Consumers prefer foreign products because of various reasons such as durability, quality, reliability, exclusivity, features, appearance and reputation. They perceive imported products to be superior quality than the local ones. They feel proud when they buy imported items because, to them, it depicts status and exclusivity.

Imported Lights

Keeping in view, the consumer mentality plus the qualities of lights manufactured by foreign countries, Eglo Pakistan is thriving to provide its customers with best quality imported lights.

Eglo Pakistan is the wholesale as well as exclusive distributor of Eglo Lighting in Pakistan.

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