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Eglo Pakistan thrives to provide the Best Recessed Lights / Ceiling Lights. Today, we will discuss about FEUVA wall and ceiling lamps. The special feature of FUEVA lamps is certainly their slim design and the low installation and set-up depth connected with this.

The lamps are available in the colours white and matte nickel. The diverse range of shapes and sizes also makes the FUEVA series one of the most popular.



Best Recessed Lights Ceiling Lights in Pakistan

Illuminate your house with optimum lighting by Eglo Pakistan. Recessed lighting makes a room feel bigger. This is because it actually takes up less visual space in the room. Because the light cans are set into the ceiling itself. Moreover, nothing hangs down to interrupt the visual space of the ceiling.

Recessed lighting also makes a room look bigger due to an effect called “wall washing”. No, that doesn’t mean you go and take soap and water to the walls. Wall washing is a lighting effect that casts more light around the room via use of the right kind of trim (the part of the light that is visible from the hole in the ceiling. Wall washed trim involves a directional reflector and a light scoop that directs light onto the wall. If you have a sloped ceiling, an “eyeball trim” can be used. To really take advantage of the wall washing effect, you should space recessed light correctly away from the wall as well as apart from each other. Recessed lighting should be spaced apart from each other at the same distance they are spaced away from the wall.

Recessed lighting also casts light on the wall you want to highlight for other design reasons. Consider recessed lighting if you want to highlight a wall bookcase, works of art or a special collection of some sort.

Other Benefits

There are also other benefits of recessed lighting. First of all, it comes in all kinds of colors (the trim and the lights and the reflectors) so they can be used to really upgrade a room in several ways. The casing for recessed lights also protects it from dust, children and mishaps, so it’s also a safer lighting option than hanging lights.

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