EGLO Lights Pakistan’s lighting designsare more than just a functional element of a building or a space. Eglo Lights Pakistan impacts the society continuously.

The role of light in human health and performance

Light is essential for our biological and psychological well-being. Because it regulates our circadian rhythms, affects our hormone levels, and influences our mood and cognition. EGLO Lights Pakistan offers to optimize the amount, quality, and distribution of light in different settings. Such as shopping malls, homes, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, and retail stores, to support the specific needs and goals of the Pakistani community.

 The impact of light on aesthetics and identity

Light is also a powerful medium for expressing the aesthetic and cultural values of a space and its occupants. EGLO lights Pakistan have lighting designs that can enhance the architectural features, interior design and branding of a building or a space. It is creating a distinctive and memorable impression. For example, EGLO Pakistan’s lighting design can highlight the historical and artistic elements of a museum, convey the identity and personality of a hotel, improving the home interiors, or showcase the products and services of a store.


The benefits of light for sustainability and social equity

Light is not only a resource, but also a responsibility. For example, EGLO Pakistan’s lighting design uses natural, renewable, and efficient sources of light, such as daylight, solar, and LED. Furthermore, EGLO Pakistan’s lighting design creates a safe and welcoming space for people of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Because we are providing adequate and appropriate lighting for different activities, needs, and preferences.

The importance of light in commercial design

Light is not only a technical skill, but also a creative art. EGLO Lights Pakistan lighting designs combines the scientific and artistic aspects of light. It create effective and expressive lighting solutions that can benefit the users and the society. We are actively collaborates with architects, interior designer, engineers, and psychologists, to create holistic and integrated lighting solutions that can address the multiple and complex challenges and opportunities of lighting designs. We are not only a way of illuminating a space, but also a way of impacting society.


Authored By Shirin A Ahmed: Shirin is a creative director focusing on E

commerce and Design at EGLO Lights Pakistan. Shirin has trained at New York’s Columbia University &Parsons School of Design& brings her deep understanding of human centric designs, and population health management to our team.

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